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Softplay Corners

Here are two of our most popular softplay playpens. They have all been designed to maximise the excitement for the children without compromising on safety and they offer fantastic value for money.

The equipment itself is manufactured at our factory in Bradford and has been designed to challenge the children in as many ways as possible i.e. balancing, sliding, crawling and climbing. The layout of the equipment encourages both physical and imaginative play and promotes a flow of children around, through, under and over the various obstacles.

All Prices exclude VAT and Carriage

Please call for carriage costs

Softplay Corners Option A

Babies Playpen
Size: 2.5m wide x 2.5m long
Capacity: 4 children
Price: £850.00

Softplay Corners Option B

Toddler Playpen
Size: 4.6m wide x 3.6m long
Capacity: 12 children
Price: £2800.00

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